Want to save time on your Pool Sanitation?

Want to save time on your Pool Sanitation?

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Salt Chlorinator Range

Our Salt Chlorinator Range Has Everything You Need For Smart Pool Sanitation

Our large Salt Chlorinator range ensures that we can offer you the best solution for your needs.  Salt Chlorinators save you time and effort on sanitising your pool so if you would like to spend more time enjoying your pool than working on it a salt chlorinator is the way to go.

We stock Insnrg, Hayward and Astral salt chlorinators so it will be no problem helping you find the right model for your pool size and budget.


Manual dosing of chlorine can be unreliable and other types of sanitisers kill bacteria as the water passes through them but do not leave a residual in the water so that the whole body of water is always healthy and safe.

By dissolving salt, or minerals in your pool water at a similar concentration of the salt in your eyes, Insnrg’s Salt Chlorinators produce sufficient sanitiser to maintain the healthiest swimming environment for your family.

Why Choose INSNRG’s

Ni Salt Chlorinator

Why Choose INSNRG’s

Vi Salt Chlorinator

With a Hayward salt chlorinator there is no more mucking around with liquid or tablet chlorine.  Turn ordinary salt into an automated chlorine supply that’s clean and luxuriously soft.  No more red eyes or handling odorous chemicals.

A salt chlorinator installation is the simple, safe and affordable substitute  to using harsh, chemically produced chlorine for pool sanitisation.

AquaRite+ Salt Chlorinator

A process of electrolysis is used where the salt chlorinator cell plates convert dissolved salts into chlorine form.   This then is used as the primary sanitiser for your pool water automatically keeping your water safe and saves money and time when compared to other methods.


Viron Series

Viron Salt Chlorinator with Bluetooth Control

Equilibrium Series

Equilibrium Chlorinator with Bluetooth Control

E Series Salt Chlorinator

Acquatherepe Transform


Salt Water Chlorinator


Salt Water Chlorinator

Ozone Swimming Pool Sanitation Systems

If you would like to :

Ease skin, eye and respiratory discomfort whilst swimming in your pool

Reduce chemical use and exposure

Swim in crystal clear, healthy and therapeutic water

Save time and money

Then the Ozone Swim Solution is for you

Why is the Ozone Purification System So Good?  Check out the videos below

Laurie Lawrence on the Ozone Purification System

7 News Story on the Ozone Purification Systems

For more information and advice regarding your Salt Chlorinator needs please

contact us to discuss on 9583 1470

From Our Customers

“Dealing with Des and the boys at the Poolstore Mentone reminds me of the TV show Cheers, everyone knows your name and makes you feel part of the family. We have been using this business for almost 3 years and they invest the time to get to know you, to provide guidance, advice and most importantly options on improving or fixing a problem. I love the fact that I can call them with a problem, they listen and offer advice over the phone without trying to sell you anything as a 1st option. If your looking for old fashion service and support, where the staff care and WANT to help you, then The Poolstore Mentone is the place for you.” John, Aspendale
“We’ve been using Des & his team’s services for 5 years. Very knowledgeable staff & if they don’t know, they find out. Great service, great people 👍🏻” Sue,

“I saved thousands of $$ on my pool equipment quote by shopping at The Poolstore! I had quote from another pool shop in the area which was just way overpriced for the same equipment. Thanks thepoolstore”


“Knowledgable and helpful.Have been attending for pool help for 25yrs”

Gail, Patterson Lakes

“They have the best prices on pool equipment and the best service of any pool shop in the area”

Paul, Brighton

Best Brands At The Best Price

With 38 years experience in the pool industry we know the best brands. We only recommend quality brands with a proven track record of reliability. So you can rest assured knowing that your are getting the best advice and products for your size pool and budget. 

We are here to help you enjoy the lifestyle of owning a pool by bringing you solutions that save you time and effort and you can be confident that you are getting the best deal with our ‘Best Price Guarantee’.  

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