Zodiac Z200 Electric Heat Pump



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Product Description

  • Perfect for extending your swimming season through the colder months
  • Incredibly affordable operating costs (even in comparison to solar)
  • Not reliant on the sun or collectors to heat at full strength
  • Easy, inexpensive installation with minimal plumbing
  • Robust and effective; made for Aussie condition

Luxurious, energy-efficient heating.

With a new Zodiac Z200 Heat Pump, you can have continuous, reliable heat delivered to your pool even at night for a lot less than you’d think.

Small in size yet packed with features, all three Zodiac Z200 Heat Pumps come “intelli-heat” ready, simply set your desired water temperature and it will operate effectively at any time of the day. It runs entirely independently of your filter cycles and is incredibly easy to set-up and control.

Reliable & consistent heating solution

While a solar heater receives all its heating energy from the sun, it is only effective on sunny days and can struggle to reach your desired temperatures on overcast or cooler days. This is where a heat pumps shine. Heat pumps draw heat from the ambient temperature making them effective even in cooler weather.

Low electricity usage

The Z200 heat pump draws over 80% of its pool heating energy from the surrounding air, like the way a reverse-cycle air conditioner works to keep you cool indoors. This heating method is very cost-effective, giving all pool-owners the opportunity to enjoy a warm pool through winter.

Easy to install

The plug and play M3 and M4 models come factory-fitted with a cord and plug for a nice and simple install.

Model No. M3M4
Pool Coverage
Recommended Max Pool Volume <35,000L
Heating Capacity (at Air=28°C) 9kW
Installation Plug & Play Plug & Play
Power Input (at Air=28°C) 1.9kW 2.5kW
Coefficient of Performance (at Air=28°C) 4.7 COP 4.7 COP

Zodiac Z200 Heat Pump Brochure