Zodiac FloPro E3 Variable Speed Pool Pump
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Zodiac FloPro E3 Variable Speed Pool Pump


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Product Description

Now with Climate Care Certification from SPASA Australia, the FloPro E3 is a simple-to-operate variable-speed pool pump with an energy-saving smart motor that saves you money on electricity. With a robust design suited for Aussie conditions, you can expect reliable results for years to come.


Energy and money saving

The FloPro E3 is a variable speed pool pump that has been designed specifically for the Australian market as an easy to use, economic and intelligent swimming pool pump. The motor has been factory pre-set to run at three common speeds; but unlike most other 3 speed pumps the FloPro E3 can be adjusted by increments of 25 RPM to provide the most efficient solution for your specific requirements!

Built to last

All components are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials to ensure that you attain optimal performance and longevity.

Three speed modes

The FloPro E3 has 3 preset speed settings:

  1. Eco Mode: for everyday filtration – conservative and easy on the environment.
  2. Clean Mode: to be used in-sync with your pool cleaner.
  3. Boost Mode: high-speed mode for use when backwashing, manually vacuuming the pool, operating spa jets or water features.

Ultra quiet operation

Due to its cleverly designed economical motor, the Zodiac FloPro E3 is one of the quietest pool pumps on the market. On Eco Mode, it generates less than 50 decibels of sound, that’s the same as a standard dishwasher!

Flopro E3 1hp
Flopro E3 1.5hp