Ozone Swim Pool Sanitation System


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Time Clock: Programmable to run peripheral equipment at desired times

Maximum Pool Volume: Up to 90,000L (please check your climate zone, the maximum pool size warmer climates will vary)

Components: Two corona discharge units, ozone injection manifold

Primary Sanitation: Not included, unit to be used in conjunction with an existing mineral/salt chlorinator cell or other primary sanitation system. This is required for minimal residual sanitation

Secondary Sanitation: Patented ozone corona discharge cell

Minerals Compatible: Compatible with Dead Sea minerals from Mineral Swim

Construction: Powder coated 3mm aluminium chassis for durability and heat dissipation, stainless steel enclosure

Ozone Production: Patented corona discharge ozone production cell

Safety: Electronic fail-safe production control and accessible fuse

System Warranty: 3 years

Ozone Cell Warranty: 10 years

Upgrade: Compatible for use with Mineral Swim

Optional Upgrades:
Add pH Drive for pH control automation
Version wihout timer clock also availabale
Version with one ozone corona discharge unit also available

Ozone Swim Brochure