Astral Viron Equilibrium Salt Chlorinator



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Product Description

The AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator provides a range of options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance. This dramatically reduces manual water testing, maintenance or corrective actions required for your pool water. In Total Ai mode, the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator can test, monitor and maintain the perfect sanitiser level and pH balance, while also controlling the pool pump for maximum energy savings. All of this to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family.

Features & Benefits


  • Viron eQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator (standard)
  • Viron eQuilibrium 2 with pH balance
  • Viron eQuilibrium 3 with pH balance & chlorine management
  • eQuilibrium Ai Mode for control of pH balance, chlorine and water flow for complete swimming pool experience.


Take control of your AstralPool Chlorinator to the next level by going wireless with Bluetooth® control.

  • View your water balance
  • Auto or direct manual control
  • Schedule and adjust timers
  • Control compatible AstralPool pumps and lights

Astral Salt Chlorinator Range Brochure

Model No. EQ18 EQ25EQ35EQ45
Pool Coverage
Chlorine output/hour 18 gms/hr25 gms/hr35 gms/hr45 gms/hr
Pool volume (temperate climate) 50,000L96,000L130,000L170,000L
Pool volume (tropical climate) 40,000L60,000L80,000L105,000L
Salt levels 3000 to 8000 ppm3000 to 8000 ppm3000 to 8000 ppm3000 to 8000 ppm
Recommended salt levels 4000 ppm4000 ppm4000 ppm4000 ppm
Max filter pump current draw 8.5 amps8.5 amps8.5 amps8.5 amps
Max acid dosing in auto mode400ml/hr400ml/hr400ml/hr400ml/hr
Max acid dosing in manual mode 900ml/hr900ml/hr900ml/hr900ml/hr
Clock timer settings
4 timers + 2 light timers4 timers + 2 light timers4 timers + 2 light timers4 timers + 2 light timers