Astral Top Discharge Inverter Heat Pump



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Product Description

In some regions of Australia natural gas heating is unavailable or uneconomical to run. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a heated pool to gain a longer swimming season. The AstralPool Heat Pump has been designed to heat your swimming pool using electricity. Based on the same principles employed in air conditioners and refrigerators, the AstralPool Heat Pump extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere around us and delivers its direction into the swimming pool water.

The AstralPool range of Heat Pumps now includes both standard technology and the new Inverter technology. Inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP compared with normal heat pumps in the market. The unique inverter technology reduces the speed of the unit as it reaches the desired temperature. This greatly saves on energy and enables you to enjoy swimming quicker and at a constant temperature.

With the innovative vertical exhaust design option, the top discharge inverter heat pump can be installed next to virtually any installation in tight spaces.

With the included WiFi module, you can control on the go with your smartphone. Monitor and set your pools temperature even if you’re away on a business trip or holiday through your homes WiFi. With the AquaTemp app, your pool temperature will always be right at your fingertips wherever you are!

Features & Benefits


Unlike many other heat pumps, the corrosion proof titanium heat exchanger is enclosed in a purpose designed and fully injection moulded housing for maximum strength and long life. The fully moulded plastic Heat Pump case is impervious to corrosion and guarantees maximum life regardless of location, “seaside” tropical north or outback.


For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, AstralPool Heat Pumps will collect up to 13 kW of heat from the atmosphere. Sunshine is not necessary and your Heat Pump will continue to heat your pool in air temperatures as low as 7 degrees. So even if the nights are cold, or the days leading up to the weekend are cool, your AstralPool Heat Pump can heat and maintain your pool water temperature at a comfortable swimming temperature.


AstralPool Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly option to heat your pool. Operating on a similar principle to your refrigerator or air conditioner, Heat Pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water.


A nearly silent compressor moves the refrigerant gas through a coil (called evaporator) through which air is forced and collects heat from the surrounding atmosphere. The now superheated refrigerant gas then passes through a titanium heat exchanger (called a condenser) which transfers the heat into the pool water and the cycle starts again.

MODEL Viron iHP90 Viron iHP120 Viron iHP170
HeatpumpGO App CompatibleYes Yes Yes
Viron Connect compatible NoNoNo
Wifi module included NoNoNo
Product number 785667856778568
Input power 0.16~1.60.21~2.12 0.3~3.02
Water pressure drop (max) Kpa 234
Water connection 40mm40mm40mm
Water flow volume 40.00 (L/m)53.33 (L/m)68.33 (L/m)
Water connection 40mm 40mm 40mm
Sound pressure 1M Db(A) 38-5039-5142-53
Power 10A Cable with plug10A Cable with plug15A Cable with plug
Voltage/Phases/Frequency 230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz
Running current 0.5-0.6 Amp0.5-6.0 Amp0.7-8.3 Amp
Refridgerant type R32R32R32
Efficiency (COP) 10.0-4.510.0-4.410.0-4.6
Heating capacity 1.4-6.8 kW1.9-8 kW2.4-10.9 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1003x403x603 mm 1003x403x603 mm1003x403x603 mm

Astral Viron Heat Pump Brochure