Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator
Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator
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Astral E Series Salt Chlorinator




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Product Description

The E Series Salt Chlorinator offers affordable, reverse polarity self cleaning technology in a simple to use, easy to install yet robust and reliable product.

This legendary reliability has now been incorporated into a low cost, reverse polarity, self cleaning salt chlorinator the E Series Salt Chlorinator.

Using the same platform as the renowned VX, the E Series simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for most sized residential swimming pools.

Features & Benefits


Helps eliminate skin irritations, red eyes, and protects your Pool and Spa equipment.


Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Astral Salt Chlorinator Range Brochure

Model No. E25 E35
Pool Coverage
Chlorine output/hour 25 gms/hr35 gms/hr
Pool volume (temperate climate) 96,000L120,000L
Pool volume (tropical climate) 50,000L75,000L
Salt levels 4000 to 8000 ppm4000 to 8000 ppm
Recommended salt levels 6000 ppm6000 ppm
Max filter pump current draw 8.9 amps8.9 amps
Clock timer settings

2 timers

2 timers