For a quote on your pool solar heating

For a quote on your pool solar heating

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Pool Solar Heating

Solar Pool Heating is the most popular form of pool heating in Australia. 

It’s the most responsible way to heat your pool and also the cheapest!

We are proud pool solar heating partners with The Austral Solar Group.  Austral’s superior knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years in the industry positions them as one of Australia’s leading providers of solar heating systems.

Austral Solar provide a complete range of specialised services, technologies and products for heated solar pools. Their extensive network of clients is testament to the quality of innovation, design, installation and unparalleled service standards.

Combining a comprehensive consultation process and Australian made components your system will be designed to suit your individual needs.

Austral Solar continue to develop advanced solar technologies which can help you reduce your pool heating bill by up to 80%.

Austral Solar Control

Austral Solar Control AS1D

Unlike many providers who simply rebrand generic third-party controllers, Austral Solar controls use state-of-the-art equipment and technology and follow extremely stringent quality controls, guidelines and measures.  To ensure their equipment is based on industry requirements and to the highest possible standards, Austral manufacture in their  own facility and are constantly testing and trialling new prototypes in the “field” to further improve their already excellent controllers.

Solar Collectors

Unique and Better Than the Rest

Decades of experience has educated Austral as to what works and what doesn’t and they have built the most efficient and effective Solar Collector in the industry. Their unique bore collector design allows more heat to be trapped which increases the sun catchment area to 130% and the volume capacity of the unit to a massive 250%.

This means that the bore collectors are able to heat large volumes of water quicker than anything else out these and do it at a fraction of the cost of powered systems.

The unique large bore collector also prevents blockages which often effect the performance of small bore collectors.

Austral have performed trials and experiments to determine the best materials and colours for solar collection and have determined that black materials are by far the most efficient at absorbing energy. Other companies provide coloured and dual coloured extrusions which are not as efficient or practical in all applications.


For more information or to obtain a quote for Pool Solar Heating, drop into the store or give us a call to discuss.

From Our Customers

“Dealing with Des and the boys at the Pool store Mentone reminds me of the TV show Cheers, everyone knows your name and makes you feel part of the family. We have been using this business for almost 3 years and they invest the time to get to know you, to provide guidance, advice and most importantly options on improving or fixing a problem. I love the fact that I can call them with a problem, they listen and offer advice over the phone without trying to sell you anything as a 1st option. If your looking for old fashion service and support, where the staff care and WANT to help you, then The Pool Store Mentone is the place for you.” John, Aspendale
“We’ve been using Des & his team’s services for 5 years. Very knowledgeable staff & if they don’t know, they find out. Great service, great people 👍🏻” Sue,

“I saved thousands of $$ on my pool equipment quote by shopping at The Poolstore! I had quote from another pool shop in the area which was just way overpriced for the same equipment. Thanks thepoolstore”


“Knowledgable and helpful.Have been attending for poolhelp for 25yrs” Gail, Patterson Lakes
They have the best prices on pool equipment and the best service of any pool shop in the area Paul, Brighton

Best Brands At The Best Price

With 38 years experience in the pool industry we know the best brands. We only recommend quality brands with a proven track record of reliability. So you can rest assured knowing that your are getting the best advice and products for your size pool and budget. 

We are here to help you enjoy the lifestyle of owning a pool by bringing you solutions that save you time and effort and you can be confident that you are getting the best deal with our ‘Best Price Guarantee’.  

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