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Green Pool Cleanup



Save time and money while eliminating algae from your pool with green pool cleaning from your local expert service technician. We’ll get your pool water clean and healthy again in no time!

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We’re not all talk
we’ve won awards for our work

We strive to provide high standards in customer service, professional advice and industry compliance which is why we are proud recipients of the SPASA Industry Award of Excellence Pool Store of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.

Not convinced? We’ll guarantee a clean pool

We are specialists in green pool clean-ups in the Melbourne Bayside and South Eastern suburbs and pride ourselves on working to a standard of delivering a service second to none.

No matter how bad you might think your green pool is, rest assured that we can clean it.

It’s not luck, we know what we’re doing.






Exceptional service and professionalism. Truly experts in their field with the most friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff, both in store and providing maintenance at home.

– Mike Phillips

Big thank you to Jake and Cam, we recently inherited a pool and had no idea on how to maintain it, the gents sorted us out with clear instructions and as cost effective as possible, made first time pool owner experience less daunting, cheers

– Kwo Li

I have been super impressed with your company since we had the new equipment installed (which was well priced vs. other quotes). Also your pool maintenance is a step up from other service providers we have tried. Highly recommend!

– Tony

If you’re looking for great prices and efficient service, I would highly recommend The Poolstore Warehouse.

– Claudia Tymms

Frequently Asked Questions

Your pool turns green because of algae. Algae can grow rapidly, particularly in hot weather, which is why it can surprise you overnight during the warmer months. This generally comes down to a lack of chlorine or water imbalance. Chlorine is an effective sanitiser and that should prevent Algae in your pool

The pool will have varying degrees of cloudiness which is the dead algae. When the pool is clear it is advisable to test for phosphates and treat with the appropriate dosage of Phosphate Remover to prevent algae from re-occurring. You should keep your pool clean by keeping an eye on these potential issues:

  1. Little or no chlorine in the pool

Chlorine kills bacteria and algae. If there’s not enough chlorine, your pool can turn green.

Solution: Bring your pool water sample into our store for a free water analysis 

  1. Chlorine bound by chloramines

Chloramines are the chemical by products that build up in the water when it’s improperly treated with too little chlorine.

Solution: Bring your pool water sample into our store for a free water analysis 

  1. Not enough filtration time

Circulation of pool water keeps it filtered and clean. It also helps to spread the chemicals that you add to the water. The typical running time for a pool during summer can be up to 10 hours per day (depending on the size of the pool)

Solution: Bring your pool water sample into our store for a free water analysis and ask how long you should run your pool for during both summer & winter 

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