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Whatever your needs may be, our professional pool maintenance technicians utilise proven techniques to get things turned around quickly and effectively. This lets you and your family get back to what matters most…enjoying your pool!

Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run.  Our SPASA trained technicians can manage any wear and tear to extend the life of your pool and equipment and help you identify potential issues before they occur.

Up to one hour on site is allocated for a regular service. Depending on the condition of your pool, further time on site may be required at an additional cost.

Depending on your pool size and its severity of algae buildup, the turnaround time can vary. However, our technicians will ensure the correct amounts of chemicals are used for your particular situation to get your pool back to normal as fast as possible.

Whilst algae alone may not be harmful, several other bacteria are likely to also be present in your pool which can be very harmful. As such, it is not recommended to swim in a green pool.

It is much safer to get in contact with The Poolstore Warehouse so that we can rectify your pool chemistry, and allow you to get back into your pool as soon as possible.

At The Poolstore Warehouse we have the most up-to-date technology, to analyses, diagnose and repair all faults across the Maytronics Dolphin pool cleaner range. While these robotic pool cleaners are the best quality on the market, they are still subject to wear and tear, as with all mechanical products. So when you need your robot repaired or serviced, we are the reliable and experienced team for you.

As a Maytronics Dolphin Elite Dealer and Authorised Service Centre we utilise the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to analyse the performance of your Dolphin and identify any issues at hand.  This enables us to provide you with the most efficient and accurate service for your Dolphin.

The short answer is yes. However, it is often better to replace equipment to save in the long run. Our expert technicians are fully trained and have the experience and knowledge to recommend the best solution for your pool.

The Poolstore Warehouse can supply and install energy efficient pumps, salt water chloriantors, filters and glass media change overs, pool heaters, controllers and automatic chemical systems – just to name a few!

The time to install new pool equipment varies depending on the complexity and amount of equipment being replaced.

Due to restrictions placed upon the transport of chemicals, the purchase and delivery of online chemicals is prohibited.

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